MedVisor Dental

MedVisor Dental 4.0

MedVisor|dental ™ puts accurate three-dimensional dental animations
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MedVisor|dental ™ puts accurate three-dimensional dental animations at your fingertips to help you translate the complexities of dentistry for your patient. Incorporate your patient’s information directly into your explanation, and utilize MedVisor|dental ’s drawing and notation tools to further personalize your discussion. Your patient’s level of interest and understanding will be dramatically enhanced.
MedVisor|dental ™ ushers in a new era in patient education, elevating it from a passive waiting-room pastime and supporting its importance in the patient's healthcare choices.
Patients who understand their diagnoses and treatment options are more likely to make sound decisions regarding their dental health. MedVisor|dental is interactive. Customize explanations with specific notations. Incorporate data unique to each patient, from x-rays to intraoral photos.
Clarify hygiene instruction to convey specific techniques with 3-D visuals. Developed with dentists for dentists, MedVisor|dental 's highly detailed animations augment your professional counsel in a universal language.

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